After Uptade, Clip+ Memory declined!!!

Before Firmware update, it has 1.80 GB. But after update to V01.02.13A, memory has declined to 1.59 GB.

I tried all cleaning methods: from computer msc usb style- mtp usb style or from clip+. But it didn’t works. 

Please Help Me!! 

As long as you don’t have any music on it yet, go ahead and format it using the option in Settings > System Settings. That should clear up any memory clusters.

I tried this way, many times. But it didn’t works. 200 mb always shows filled. I wait your answers…

Please Help Me!! I need your answers!

It may be that the latest firmware update commandeers, or ‘reserves’ more of the available memory for operating needs like database managment, etc.

You could always revert back to the previous firmware version to see if this is the case, but in the grand scheme of things 200MB really isn’t that much to worry about. At 256kbps .mp3 format that’s about 1 1/2 to 2 albums worth of space.