Sansa Clip 2GB shows no Music

I have a Sansa 2GB clip with about 300MB worth of songs on it. Everything was working fine until I upgraded the firmware the other night to v.01.01.35A. Memory=1949MB, Free=1488MB, Songs=0, AudioBooks=0, Podcasts=0, Voice Recordings=0, FMRecordings=0, Battery=100% according to the device. However, when connected to my computer I have 74 songs on the device that I can browse to using Windows Explorer and Windows Media Player. How do I play these on the device when it says there are no songs? Would have been nice for a warning about this from Sandisk before the firmware update. Junk.


the firmware update should not clear the song list. that being said there can always be anomalies. just copy the songs off the clip back to the computer (if you have copies of the songs on your computer you can skip that step) go to settings system settings and format the clip then reload your music.  


Thanks, I will attempt this tonight.

When you update firmware the usb mode is set to auto, so on a winxp machine it will connect in MTP mode. That’s the first place I would check for the stated problem.