Firmware Update fill Memory-How to dump?

Hello! I have  2GB Sansa clip. Before the update I had 12 albums and 2 language lessons with room for more. I installed the update and it took up all the memory. I know only have 5 1/2 albums and its maxed out. How do I dump this update and go back to the original setting? I much rather have the room than this update. Thanks in advance for your kind help. 

When you updated, the USB mode got re-set.  Re-set it to the mode you were using before, under Settings, USB Mode.

Am not sure what filled the storage.  What you could do is transfer your music to your computer; reformat under the Clip’s Settings; and then transfer your music back.  That should fix matters.

To revert to an earlier firmware, simply re-apply that firmware–see the firmware sticky thread at the top of the forum.  And here’s a repository for earlier firmwares:  FreemattandGrace.Com.

Thank you Miikerman. I pulled the music off and reformatted which corrected the memory issue. Thanks again for your help. 

Great to hear–congratulations!