Media Converter not available in Updater


just tried to download the Medio Converter, which should be available via the Updater Software. However, there´s no option for it to be downloaded. The updater just says “No updates available at this time”. Any hints?

Is your player hooked up to you computer? Is it one that is capable of playing videos (not Clip, Clip+ or Clip Zip)?

To be honest the Sansa Media Converter is fraught with problems though, and most people don’t use it. Especially if you have a Fuze+, it is not necessary; any video converter (free of otherwise) should work. Video4fuze is one that many people recommend.

Agreed, the Sansa Media Converter isn’t really worth all the time you will need to put into it, on a routine bases, to make it work. I like XMedia Recode, but pretty much anything will work with the Fuze+.

Please note, if you have the Fuze (notice there’s no plus sign), you’ll need to use Video4Fuze.

How about you search up Sansa Media Converter like I did for you here. Please don’t ask other people when you could search it up!

How about you don’t reply to year-old threads like I advised you in your other indiscretion here. Necro-posting helps no one.

@ schwartzasher - Do you think it wise or helpful to admonish people for proper forum conduct when you yourself are necroposting (replying to long-dead threads)? Raising long forgotten threads about long-forgotten, glitch-filled and no longer needed software like the Sansa Media Converter really helps no one.

I suggest that before replying you take note of the last post in a thread and consider whether you really have anything useful to add after such a length of time as I did in your other identical indiscretion here.