Problems getting FLAC to work


I just got myself a fuse+ to try out and am having a lot of problems getting , FLAC files to work.  I have updarted to the latest firmware.

I have read around the issue and know the Fuse does not support  twenty four bit.  The music I’m transferring is ripped using EAC and in some cases Media Monkey and is sixteen bit.  I checked this using the codec properties option in VLC

If i set the USB mode to auto on the device then anything on my MM synch list gets transferred and appears on the device but i get an unsupported file type error when trying to playback the FLAC files.  

If i set the USB mode to MSC then not all of the music appears on the device after transferring it using MM (it shows as being copied by MM if you watch the progress bar) but what does transfer does playback

I am leaning towards the issue being tagging related but am not sure how to figure this out.

If I could post two files, one that transferrs and one that does not, is there someone who might be able to help figure this out please?

Thanks in advance


Try this. It may work for you and if it doesn’t, just try another media converter.

That link is worthless. For one, the Sansa Media converter was a terrible piece of software that preceeded the Fuze+ by several years and didn’t even work correctly with the players it was designed to work with.

Secondly, the Fuze+ will work with many different media converters.

Third is the fact that media converters are typically needed and used with video files. The OP is this case is having trouble with audio (FLAC) files. A media converter will provide no help.

And fourth (and maybe most mportantly), this thread is 1 year old. I realize it’s Easter Weekend, but this type of resurrection is not the one typically associated with this time if year and in fact, helps no one.

In the future, please take note of the date of a post before replying to it.