Main Menu

Could someone please assist me.  I just purchased my sansa c240 today and I can’t seem to figure out how to get to the Main Menu.  I want to change the language to English as it is now in Spanish.  Thanks

to go to the main menu, just press the menu button. (it is also the power button) when you can see the icons, then thats the main menu

to change it back to english,

  1. go to main menu
  2. select ‘settings’ / ‘Paramet…’(in spanish)
  3. select ‘language’ / ‘Idioma’
  4. then scroll and choose english. done.


  I have have inadvertantly changed the language on my sansa express to something Asian (Korean, Japanese, or Chinese).  I can’t find any way to change it back to english.  Can you help?



Power on your player, and then go to the settings menu, it looks like an equalizer. From here, push down 3x times, and then push the center button. From this menu, go up until you see english.

Thanks a lot.  Worked like a charm. 


Np :smiley: thats what the forums are for… lol

I just bought Sansa Fuze + and have put materials on the player, but when I turn on player, I can’t get anywhere but a screen that lists all languages.  How do I get to main screen?

The language  selection menu is available if you sweep over to the Settings  section, then select System Settings. Select language if you wish to change the current one.

If you choose the “restore” function, this resets everything to factory defaults.  The first thing that will pop up after resetting is your language preference.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: