Mac user cannot upgrade from V01.01.18A - help!

I have read a lot of the posts concerning upgrading firmare for those of us using Mac OS X. I have (I believe) followed the instructions to the letter. To recap my actions…

Plugged Clip to MacBook via USB. Clip is immediately recognized and appears on my desktop.(So I am assuming Clip is already in MSC mode. Drag and Drop awaits.)

Downloaded cllp01.01.29a zip file. Opened. Bin file now on desktop.

Dragged and dropped bin file to Clip icon (not into MUSIC or any other folder.)

UnMounted Clip. Unplugged USB from MacBook. Unplugged miniUSB from Clip.

Go to SETTINGS > SYSTEM INFO and version remains unchanged.

Any step-by-step help is appreciated.

I forgot to mention that prior to those steps listed above, I went to Disk Utility and formatted the Clip as MS DOS FAT (does not list as 32 or 16, just FAT).