Mac or PC

I have o problem… I have a PC at home and a Mac on work.
All things I put onto my Sansa m250 at work I can only see it there, and if I put something on it at home I can only see it there. On my Sansa I can se most of the things I put on it, but not everything.
I would like to transfere music from work to my homePC, and vice versa, but it’s impossible. When I look at it at home there’s two folders named “DATA” and “MUSIC” and at work it’s something else. When I load something at home I have to drop it in one of those folders, but at work I can drop it on the “SANSA”… Is it beacuse it’s Mac and PC or what? I think this should be in the info you got when you buy it…

its probably because of the modes your loading it on. On the player itself go to settings>usb> and select MSC. Once that is done, connect back to the pc. You should eb able to see all the songs that were loaded via the Mac.

My best suggestion. back up all your music, format the device, put it in MSC mode and load it onto the device. Making sure it always says MSC when connected to any pc or mac.