Music folder in Sansa appears empty on Mac/OS

i have playlists and music on my internal memory on my Sansa, but it does not show up on my Mac. Why is that? The external card can be read, but all the songs have album track numbers in front of them.

Is the Clip’s USB mode set to MSC, under System settings?

Also, if the tunes were put onto the player under USB MTP mode (such as, the sample songs on the player originally), your computer won’t “see”/show them when you are connected under USB MSC mode (which is the mode a Mac needs/uses).

There are two modes (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode): MTP and MSC.

The computer can only see music transferred in one mode at a time, even though the Sansa sees them both.

 Auto Detect goes to MTP if connected to a computer with WIndows Media Player 10 or above.  If music was transferred via MTP, Mac won’t see it–because Mac only connects via MSC.