Can't get songs from Sansa to Mac

I have recently switched computers from a pc to an imac. I was hoping to transfer my music from my mp3 to itunes without having to deal with transferring the songs from my laptop to a usb device to the imac. Unfortunately, the mac only seems to read the songs on the mini sd chip. I thought maybe I should install the software, but i’m told that putting the mini-cd for software installation into the iMac will result in slim chances of getting the cd out again. So does anyone know how to get the mac to read the songs? it can read the music folder, but it shows up empty. Would a third-party software help or something?

By the way, it’s one of the e200 series.

Switch your player to MSC mode in the Settings menu > USB mode.

I’ve tried that, but it doesn’t make a difference. It recognizes that it’s there, gets the name and everything, but still won’t read that there are any songs on the mp3…

You probably transferred songs from your PC in MTP mode. You’re now connecting to your Mac in MSC mode.

The computer can only see songs that were transferred in one mode–MTP or MSC–at a time.  The Sansa itself can see all the music files, regardless of how they were transferred.

So to see them with the Mac, you’re going to have to take them off–with your old PC or someone else’s PC via Windows Media Player 10 or 11–and transfer them again in MSC mode. 

iTunes doesn’t sync with the Sansa–at least, not on a PC, and probably not on a Mac either. They want you to get an iPod for that.   You can still use iTunes to rip CDs. Make sure you change the format from m4a or AAC to mp3. Once they are ripped, you’re going to have to drag-and-drop them manually from the iTunes music folder on your computer, or choose the directory for the iTunes folder as the Sansa.

That is, when you have the Sansa connected and want to rip a CD onto the Sansa, you go to Edit/Preferences/Advanced (different from the Advanced you see on the main iTunes screen) and put the iTunes Music Folder location onto the Sansa. So if the Sansa is F:, the iTunes Music Folder could be F:/iTunes Music or anything else you want to call it. When you open iTunes without the Sansa connected, it will go back to whatever folder you were using on your computer, so you’ll have to change it back to the Sansa the next  time you connect. 

Apple makes things convenient for people who use everything Apple. When you dare to get a different brand, like SanDisk, Apple makes things more difficult. But not impossible. 

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Hey there. If you have a Sansa clip, then look here. First, eject it on the LEFT side. On the desktop, it should say SANSA CLIPP. Click that. Double click music folder. Now open Itunes. Drag and insert songs you want in the folder. Wait for about 5-10 minutes, then eject it from your Mac. Once done refreshing, you should see your new songs in your music playlist. At least, it worked for me!