Can I use a Mac to download or only a PC?

My PC is out of commission for a few days and I am using a Mac with songs in itunes from my own CDs. I thought I had downloaded a few songs to the Sansa E130 I just got but the player says No Files.
It has a setting called MUSIC.LIB, one called MUSIC.SEC and a new one called SETTINGS.DAT.

I wasn’t sure what application to open them in so I used Itunes. Also, I am not sure which drive to assign to my MP3 player. And I don’t know what MSC and MTP modes are.

to use a mac you will need to put the device in msc mode. you will then need to go to the folder where your mp3s are located. then drag and drop the mp3s to the player. the files must be in mp3 format the e100 does not support aac.