Can I use a Mac to download onto my E130?

My PC is out of commission for a few days and I am using a Mac with songs in itunes from my own CDs. I thought I had downloaded a few songs to the Sansa E130 I just got but the player says No Files.
It has a setting called MUSIC.LIB, one called MUSIC.SEC and a new one called SETTINGS.DAT.

I wasn’t sure what application to open them in so I used Itunes. Also, I am not sure which drive to assign to my MP3 player. And I don’t know what MSC and MTP modes mean.

Hi I just spoke to the Technical support person who answered ALL my questions, helped to put my music into mp3 format, which it wasn’t. I am able to hear music now! My player, which is older (E130) is always in MSC mode. Anyway, the answer is yes, I can use a mac (but a PC is easier) and that mp3 mode on my music is imperative. Thanks for the forum.