Sansa Clip on a mac

I need all the help I can get in making a playlist on a mac.

thanks in advance!


I don’t think you can really use the clip on a Mac.  The Albums folder doesn’t show up and the songs that I loaded onto it from my friend’s Mac don’t show up on my PC when I sync it.

Not true (it can be used on a Mac). Read the numerous posts here.

Like I said not all of it’s functionality remains intact on the Mac, namely the Albums folder.  :slight_smile:

Did you read about the posts and the different modes?  MTP and MSC?  Do you understand it before claiming that the album folder doesn’t show up in your friend’s PC? 

When you connect to MAC…it’s in MSC mode so all the contents information doesn’t show up in your friend’s PC because when you connect to your friend’s PC, it’s in MTP mode…the two modes don’t talk to each other so you don’t see it