Music loaded with MAC in iTunes not shown in my PC

Help! My friend loaded music on my player from a MAC using iTunes. It plays fine in the player. When I connect it to my PC and open the player the Music folder is empty. I already selected the show hidden files box and it did not solve it. I can’t open in with my iTunes or Windows Media Player or directly from My Computer. Any suggestions?

I also have Windows 7 on my PC and my Sansa clip has V01.02.15A

by default the Clip zip USB mode is auto detect. this means in a computer like MAC where the MTP drivers are not present the clip will connect in MSC mode but in computers where MTP drivers are present like win 7 it will connect in MTP mode. files loaded in one mode are not visable when the device is connected in the other mode and vise versa. If you want to use and see the files on both the PC and MAC you will first need to delete all the files loaded on the player from your Win 7 PC where the Clip is connected in MTP mode. once that is done go to settings > system settings > USB and change the mode to MSC. then connect to the Win PC. you should be able to see all the files loaded from your MAC. then all you ahve to do is reload the files from your Win 7 PC.