M250 - Is it normal for it to forget all settings when turned off ?

This is my first post in these forums.

So far, every time I turn it off it forgets absolutely every setting I’ve made including:

FM presets
EQ settings
The last MP3 file I was playing

I find it hard to believe that this does not support remembering at least some settings. I was also hoping that it would allow me to continue (resume) playing an MP3 where I left off. This would be good for books on tape type MP3s and in particular the 3 hour MP3 radio recordings I often listen to.

I bought this at Buy.com and received it yesterday. It says “refurb” but it’s actually new, just a “factory overstock” or so they say. It came with a very short USB cable and earbuds, no armband, documentation or software. I downloaded and printed the manual today.

Thank you for any clarifications and help.

Forgetting all settings isn’t normal for these players–what’s the firmware currently loaded on your player?  It sounds like Buy.com sold you a refurbed player but are trying to convince you otherwise.  I don’t think you can sell something stamped as ‘refurbed’ then claim it’s overstock…

That’s exactly what Buy.com has done. Thanks for the reply. I got an email from buy.com on Dec. 26, 2008 with a bunch of offers, one of them being this Sansa m250. I bought mine 5 hours later. By that time, they were OOS, but the order went through and I was to get the unit when they had procurred more. It took nearly a month for me to get the unit.

The serial number of my particular unit is BE0708SS009847. This morning, my OP had been read 35 times but noone had replied, and I called Sansa Support: 1-866-726-3475. Navigated the automated menu system and got a live person, unfortunately a bad connection. It wasn’t so bad we couldn’t communicate, but it was somewhat difficult.

We finally arrived at the fact that my unit was among a batch that will not retain settings when turned off. She said my options are:

  1. RMA
  2. Live with the problem

I said I’d RMA. She gave me a case number and said I must fax them my proof of purchase and then call them back and they will move forward with the RMA. This is good news to me. I have to go to buy.com’s website and hopefully find a way to get my proof of purchase there. I think I can. I don’t believe they included anything in the box in terms of documentation, nothing.

I wish the m250 supported resuming where you were in a selection when restarting the unit, but AFAIK it is not supported. Anyone? Thanks.

BTW, the firmware running right now is 4.1.08A. I don’t know what it was initially. The current firmware was probably auto-loaded by virtue of the fact that I installed the firmware updater yesterday.

Researching Issue.

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I spent much of yesterday working with Sandisk, trying to RMA my unit. A support person said mine was one of a bad batch and I should fax them my proof of purchase. I did that and it showed that buy.com represented it as being marked “refurbished” but being new factory overstock. Sandisk finally responded that they do not warrant refurbished merchandise and I will have to deal with the seller. I initiated the RMA process with buy.com, and will send today if my local UPS store is open. I have a prepaid mailing label off buy.com’s site. Buy.com’s policy is that defective merchandise cannot be credited to the buyer but can only be replaced. I just hope the replacement doesn’t have the same problem.

In preparing to send back the unit I thought I should delete the files I’d copied to the flash memory. I had copied two large (~170 MB) MP3s, and also created one or two directories. Last night, however, I found that I could not connect to the m250 with either of my XP computers. It did not show up in Explorer. The m250 said it was connected by USB using MTP. I figure I’ll just have to send it back as is, not that it matters.

I wonder if creating those directories effectively made it impossible to connect. That’s the only thing I can think of. With the next one (unless I’m assured that I should be able to create directories), I will just put all my MP3s in the default directory (called Audible, IIRC). I presume that the m250 uses ID3 tags to sort and find files. I create most of my own MP3s without tags, only file names so I guess I may have to look into creating tags for them with information that helps me manage (i.e. find) the files. Presently, when I start the player one of my 2 MP3s is automatically queued up.

Again, I regret the evident fact that the m250 doesn’t support resume.

Edit : Actually, I believe the player does support resume, it’s just that mine was faulty. I’m RMAing my player and expect I’ll have much better feelings about the m250 when I get its replacement.

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