m240 help please PLEASE

I have a sansa mp3 player m240 and i have problem syncing i use latest window media player 11 to sync stuff well,i start syncing and it go real fast to 100% it stay at 100% syncing forever so i strop syncing it i find out that the music i sync got on the device even though i stoped it at 100% but!!! my music loses all of its info like artist, album, year so all of them got in an UNKNOWN ARTIST ??? any suggestion or help??

My second problem is everytime I plug in my device to the computer to do something when i get it out All of the stuff in my favorites list is gone.

The music info comes from id3 tags. You can read about how to put them onn the songs by watching the videos in the link below. Where did you get your music from?

You will always lose the to-go list when re-connecting to a computer, its just by design. (i wish it was otherwise.)

I have been looking around the forum i see enigma you help a lot but i don’t know which video i suppose to watch and i got the music from …and other sites its normal mp3 format with music info. And btw the same problem does’nt occur when i used other computer so is it because of my computer?

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if you got the music from limewire, thats why. The music is peer 2 peer (also illegal, for the record. Some lady on myspace got sued big time for this just recently) and does not include any of the id3 tag information by default. You would need to manually enter the id3 tag information, via wmp, windows explorer, or media monkey.

If it has all the info already, and its only on your computer that it does not work, then its something on your computer. What if you drag and drop instead of windows media player? or uninstall wmp and reinstall it.

Hey, my m240 does the same thing. Took like a millenium or so to put on 170 songs and 3 playlists. Now the music is on there in mp3 format however, there is no artist info, it states all unknown. However, there is the song title. Please help !!! These same songs are on my ipod and they show all the info just fine. Do I need an upgrade or something like that?