m230 isn't recognized in my computer

Has vista updated to prevent m230 from working?  Device does not show up in my computer or windows media player.  Had worked previously - only in the last week when I went to change music did it not show up.  Battery is good, hold/lock is not on.  Updated firmware today, still isn’t recognized.  “connected” does show in the device window.  Suggestions?

corrupted music files might be the problem or Vista compatability, or a bad firmware.

   have you tried it on XP? 

          try these steps below

  1. try different USB ports. 

           if that doesn’t work,

  1. plug m230 to the USB

  2. wait for about 15-40 MINUTES (do not unplug the USB cable)

  3. after that, m230 should be recognize by your computer!!

  4. Then, try to DELETE the corrupted file(s). 

 don’t worry cool330, those sansa players are built to last!

Check your USB setting–XP wouldn’t recognize my M250 until I changed the USB setting to MSC.


Per the SanDisk FAQ:


“You should have it set to MTP when using it with any of the 3 supported subscription music servies. Otherwise, you should have it set to MSC, which is the normal USB mode for storage devices.

MTP mode will only work on Windows XP or Windows 2000 with SP4 installed.”

Thanks = I tried the new firmware; I’ll now try leaving it connected for a while and see if it gets recognized.

It had been working fine (on VISTA) until this last week.  I’ll let you know.