Lower volume with new firmware (V01.01.22F)?


I just updated my firmware and noticed that I have to turn up the volume slightly higher to achieve the volume level (under the normal volume setting with a flat eq) that I experienced with the previous firmware (.15).  Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you!

Just a quick edit, I’ve used closed back headphones and a level meter that displays the max level with the same song (Amy Winehouse - You Know That I’m No Good) between the old and new firmwares, and it seems as if the intro of the song comes out 3dB lower with the new firmware (.22) than with the last release (.15 – I installed it from an archive).

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It is possible they are implementing AVLS as requred by European Law (implemented by the French), but theres a setting in System Settings for volume. When I updated my firmware, the volume setting changed from High to Normal, and I had to manually set it back to High.

Being deaf, the European Law requiring mandatory AVLS (auto volume limiting system) sucks ass :(, which is why I was happy to find my Fuze doesn’t implement AVLS yet.

I understand that volume levels may be set to conform to local health & safety regulations and that European levels will be lower than, say, in the US.

It may be just a question of stating USA when prompted during the firmware upgrade. 

If you are in Europe or the rest of the world you will need to check the FM radio settings because the USA has its own peculiar local approach to station frequency spacings.

I did notice this too. maybe they were trying to fix a high volume shuttering issue I Have see in another post! I also thought they may have changed the normal EQ settings. They sound a little more full bodied to me though not all that bad…  The Rock preset sounds more like the normal did in the old firmware…  I don’t mind the loss of -3db I can deal with that with the volume wheel. I am still loving the Fuze with the new firmware… oh My FM sound seems to be the same in volume and in sound quality. If I go to FM it’s much louder the my ripped music files.

 I realise that the thing’s mentioned could also be somewhat of the placebo effect after the upgrade. That’s why I didn’t want to be the first to mention them. Again I like the new firmware. Seems stable all buttons and controls work fine.   

Tapeworm, I would love to hear your thoughts on the new firmware if you decide to install it… Thanks! George

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It’s interesting, quite a few people are noticing this, and I am not. but about 80% of the time my Fuze is hooked into my stereo, and I’m used to adjusting the stereo volume for older albums as opposed to newer ones…is it really a big difference?

Did anyone think to check if the volume option under system settings reset to normal from high after the update?

Hi, as I mentioned in my original post, both the volume and eq settings were set to normal (edit: i.e. normal in both the .15 and .22 versions of the f/w so as to compare).

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Mine was still set to high!! 

i just spoteed that new ‘volume’ setting and was looking forward to see what the difference is between high/low…

reason being that i notice a distinct difference between MP3 and FLAC files. MP3 files always sound louder than FLAC. i assumed that had something to do with the FLAC codec. so seeing this setting makes me think it might help FLAC boot up a few more db’s…

remember - if it’s too loud, you’re too old!

(and i am old, but i just like music loud)

@mancpg wrote:

I just updated my firmware and noticed that I have to turn up the volume slightly higher to achieve the volume level (under the normal volume setting with a flat eq) that I experienced with the previous firmware (.15).  Has anyone else experienced this?

I think I’m experiencing Deja Vu. Wasn’t there a thread here (or maybe it was on the e200 board) complaining of this exact same issue after the last f/w upgrade?

Ahhh . . . I remember now; it _ WAS _ on the e200 series board after the 03.01.16 v2 update.


Must be an evil plot by the SanDisk mucky-mucks! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is one upgrade still worth installing IMO!  Paul if you install it let me know what you think of it! It has more pros then cons! So far a turn of the volume wheel and all is well if there is a volume issue I’m not 100% sure that there is… I updated both the wife’s and mine so I can’t really compare… … George 

We tested the Fuze and found no changes in the volume output between the two different fw releases.



I didn’t notice any volume difference either. I’m quite content with the update:smiley:

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing Tapeworm was, I remember this in the e200 board!

Thank you Greig, it was my mistake apparently.  I was able to get a hold of another Fuze and listen to the two side by side (one with the older firmware and one with the newer) and they were identical.  Thank you everyone, the new update is fantastic.