Love for the Sansa e200 series

I realize that the MP3 player is a dying market, now that cellphones are everyone’s go-to gadget, but will Sandisk ever again offer a player as versatile and wonderful as the e200 and c200 series? 

The inexpensive, replaceable, rechargeable battery and the even cheaper expandable memory puts it head and shoulders above all other players in my book.  Sound quality is excellent and the player is easy to control.  Load RockBox on the player and the e200’s are untouchable.  My family and I love these players!

It’s getting harder to come by them now, even refurbished (TigerDirect still carries them), and impossible to find accessories for them, especially proper-sized covers - I bought an e200 accessory kit about 2 years ago and everything worked, except the cover was too big. 

I really wish Sandisk would make them again if for no other reason than to fill a niche market of hard-core, frugal music lovers.