Did they stop making the e200 series?

It looks like they don’t make the e200 series anymore. Why did they stop? I don’t see what the newer models have that the e200s don’t. Is it worth it to upgrade to the new models?

Because newer ones work better and are smaller, they are Not making the e200 anymore.

(That’s why it’s under “Retired” on the Sansa.com page…)

I will personally use my e200s until they don’t work anymore.

@autobahnsho wrote:


I will personally use my e200s until they don’t work anymore.

As will I.  In fact, I’ve already bought my replacement e260v1 and have it waiting in a box inside a desk drawer living on a soda cracker a day just waiting on its opportunity to leap into the limelight (or at least to leap into my belt-mounted leather carrying case).

Somewhat related to this, I’ve been sort of keeping an eye on the number of posts in the various boards related to the various players.  At the time of this writing, the e200 board is still the leader of the pack, but with the Fuze snappin’ at its heals and coming on strong.  I believe there is a one-to-one correspondence (roughly) between the number of posts on the board and the number of owners (hence sales volume) for each model.  On that basis, it can be argued that the e200 series is Sandisk’s most popular and most successful line of mp3 players.  As one waxes while the other wanes eventually the Fuze board will overtake the e200 board and assume its hard won place as Sandisk’s new flagship model.  Of course, cynics might argue that the number of posts in each board is proportional to the number of problems users have with that particular model, which is a valid point.

Well, I only had one problem, but it was a doozy.  At the end of it, I wound up with five e280 v2’s, two stereo docks, and two clock radios.  And I’m very happy with all of them, but I sure didn’t plan on spending that much money…!

I just didn’t like the newer Sansas when I picked them up in the store.  I like the feel of the e200’s, much as I like the feel of my Panasonic TZ4 camera compared to the ones that are as thin as credit cards. 

I agree

The fuze models look wider and thinner. And the view models have a lot more memory and cost a lot more than what I need.
I found my e260 on newegg back in late September of '08. Did they stop selling them shortly after that? Now I feel like I can’t go anywhere without it. It is like as important as wearing a shoes to me.  

I also carry my sansa e200 mp3 players with me whenever I leave my home. IT would be a great argument to see which is better, The Fuze, or the e200 series? I give the edge to the e200 series.

Thanks for letting us know…