Lost Right Channel - Help!

A couple of days ago, my Sansa Fuze+ stopped playing sound through the right channel.  I now only have the left channel and therefore only half the sound.  I tried a “Restore” in the Settings menu to no avail.

Has anyone experienced this problem before?  Can it be fixed?  I’ve had the player just under three months.  It was new when I bought it.



have you tried:

pushing headphone jack in more, different headphones? Is there any forgin substence INSIDE the jack? Is it everything or just one track? IF it’s radio check the setting isn’t set to mono.

Have you tried pushing & twisting the plug into the headphone jack in case it’s not fully seated? And have you tried different headphones?

The headphone jack is seated.  Twisting makes no difference.  There is no foreign matter in the receptacle.  I’ve tried connecting to home receiver (to the AUX inputs) and only have left channel sound.  Also connected through different cable in my car to AUX input, again only have left channel sound.

Also, the channel is missing from the radio, as well as normal playback from the music folder on my external card.  I have also tried different headphones – same result, no right channel.

Correction, it is the LEFT channel I have lost.  Sorry for the confusion. 

Call SanDisk Tech Support then. Sounds like you have a warranty issue.

Definitely a dud unit. RMA for a replacement should take about a weekish.