Loose select button and thumbwheel (Sansa Fuze)


I’ve got a V1 Sansa Fuze, 2GB, black, came in a blister box, BE0807AXWK-2GB written on the back of it, made in China.

The select button on it has a lot of sideways freedom so it actually rattles while I’m using the thumbwheel. I can even hear it rattle when I shake it, but that doesn’t bother me as much. The thumbwheel itself is not the snuggest fit either.

All said and done, it doesn’t feel all that smooth and pleasant to use, as I’ve been reading prior to the purchase. Looking at some pictures on the net the select button on mine does seem to be raised just a hair more then the ones I’ve seen, but it could just be the light playing tricks on me.

Is this common and to be expected? If not did someone hear of such a defect, and might know how SanDisk handles it? I’m planning to take a trip to the store to check out some models on display, but I’d like to go prepared in case it’s a batch thing.

Thank you for any info!

I’ve seen one other person mention this. They took it back and compared it to the store demo units. After which decided to exchange it for another one. You very likely will want to exchange yours because it sounds like you have a worse problem than that person had.

Thanks for the info!

I went to the store and saw two more players. One was a display model, and the other was new. Both of them were different and a little better then mine, but not as good as I hoped.

So it’s either a batch thing, or I’m a complaining **bleep**. :smileyvery-happy:

I ended up getting the CLIP instead. Less moving parts… And the power/hold slider doesn’t fit snuggly, and does rattle, but I can live with that.