Loading music with Windows Media Player shuffle - question

I have a large collection of music that won’t all fit on my Sansa Clip+.  When I load music onto it, I use the Windows Media Player shuffle option (right click on clip+ memory/options/shuffle).  It selects music randomly from all of my music and refreshes the clip+.  It appears that I have to do it separately for the internal memory and then again separately for the external memory (microsd).  When I do that, I get some possible duplication of songs because it loads the internal memory separate from the external memory.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to randomly load music onto the Clip+ and not have duplicate songs between the internal and external memory?

I think I figured out a solution to my question…sorry about posting a question and then answering it myself.

My solution is to create a playlist of randomly selected songs…enough songs to fill up both the internal and external memory.   First delete all songs from the internal and external memory. Then just select and drag enough songs from the beginning of the playlist to fill up the internal memory.  Then sync the internal memory.  Then starting from that point in the playlist and going down in the playlist, select and drag more songs to the external memory…and then sync the external memory.

If anyone has an easier solution than this, please let me know.

@dallasguy wrote:


If anyone has an easier solution than this, please let me know.

Yeah, don’t “sync” at all. Just copy the files you want from your computer to your player and external memory card manually.

Then just use the Shuffle option on the player itself.

Sounds like a good plan to me–