Clip Jam only shuffles either from internal memory or external SD card, not both

My old crappy refurbished Sansa Clip would shuffle from any location, not just one. Is there a way to change this setting? Seems like a minor issue but it’s actually quite annoying.

Instead of having an 8GB card in the Jam, you could put a 16GB card in, and have all your songs on card memory. Keep in mind though that card memory is limited to 2,000 songs for its database. Internal memory has its own 2,000 song limit.

You could access more than 2,000 songs on the card by using folders mode. in folders mode though, apparantly

you can only shuffle what is in the current subfolder, and not all the songs on the card. I guess the solution for you is to get a Clip+ or Clip Zip. 

Neither the Clip Sport nor Jam have the capability to merge the internal and external (card) memories into 1 database. So no, the palyer cannot shuffle between the 2 locations. This is a hardware limitation and cannot be “fixed” via a firmware update.