Loading music & playlists WITHOUT Rhapsody

Hello, I just purchased a Clip+ for my husband to use when he works out.  He has very simple needs – he just wants to burn some of his CDs onto the player, make a few playlists. and be able to have it shuffle through certain CDs/playlists when he’s working out.  I presume this should be simple for any MP3 player, right?

However, I don’t want to use Rhapsody.  I don’t like have unnecessary software loaded on my computer, and last week we bought a Clip (not plus), loaded Rhapsody before we realized it was a pay service.  We tried to create some playlists in Rhapsody, but whenever we’d disconnect the player from the computer, the playlists would disappear from the player, and when we’d plug it back in, the playlist would be gone from Rhapsody too.  Then the Clip completely died.  It’s a good thing, too, because my husband was about to throw it through the window.

I hope and assume that Clip was defective.  But now that we’ve purchased a Clip+ to replace it, I am messing around with it and can’t figure out how to get a playlist on the thing.

Do we NEED Rhapsody? 

Rhapsody absolutely is not needed.

I’m not a playlist guy, but here are some articles on playlist creation, from the SanDisk KnowledgeBase. 


Hope this helps–

Here’s a playlist creator program written by a member here.

Here’s another one.

Here are step-by-step directions for creating playlists using Winamp.

One of these ought to work for you. :smiley: