Building a playlist with purchased music, no more Rhapsody

I am so frustrated with Rhapsody, there software seems so buggy. Years ago I was a subscriber and after a couple of clips not working anymore I switched over to Zune. I thought I would give them a try again but version 6 did not seem like any improvement. I could not sycronize certain albums, not having any clue why (even though the album downloaded just fine). Tracks would show up in my playlist that I never selected and you can’t use purchased music with version 6.

So I unintalled Rhapsody and decided to use my clip+ for my purchased music. It seems easy to just drag and drop music files into the clip but I have no idea how to build a playlist. I am subscribing to XBox music pass and will use my Zune for subscription music, but as I said will use the clip for my owned music.

When I received the Sansa clip+ I received a software cd but my computer does not have any cd/dvd drive. I thought this would not be a problem as I should be able to download the same thing, but I did not see any software downloads for the clip. Can I download the software to create playlists or is it simply for firmware upgrades?

I have a Yogo Pro 2, which uses windows 8.1. It seems like I can use windows media player to sync music but my concern is it will sync all my music, which I do not want. Can I select just playlists or filter for mp3s or mp4s?


Found out it is pretty easy to do with windows media player. I just create a playlist in WMP and drag it over to the sync list on the right. I do have more questions about WMP, probably need to find another forum for that. It seems like I can only create 5 or 6 playlists. Maybe not a huge problem since I will use my clip for jogging and working out mostly and I can change up the playlists every so often.

The disc was probably Rhapsody, and is unnecessary. The Sansa is made to work with Windows Media Player and also works with other music library software like Media Monkey and Winamp. There is a lot of info onlline.

Firmware can be updated online from the thread near the top of the forum. Use the manual method–don’t bother with the updater.