Rhapsody and clip plus

If I understand how Rhapsody works, I will no longer have access to songs if I cancel my monthly membership and trying to figure away around that. Is there any way to get songs in my Rhapsody library to my windows media player library on my PC?   Is there a way to take songs that are on my Clip Plus and load them to the windows media player library?  I am new to MP3 players so forgive any ignorance on my part. Thanks. 

The licenses on the tracks are renewed continually during synchronization with the Rhapsody client, for 30 days.  Thus, if you cancel membership, the tracks will expire in one month.  You can open Windows Media Player, click on the Sync Tab, and drag and drop your tunes to the PC.

These tracks will also play on the PC, with the licenses renewed by Rhapsody, with the same 30-day term.

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Thanks.  I am not savvy about these things so forgive my ignorance but are you saying that I can get the tracks from the Rhapsody library onto the library that I use for media player just by dragging an dropping?  I thought I tried that and it didn’t work.  Assuming I can do that, will I still be able to play and download those songs from media player once the 30 day period expires?

There are several ways to add your Rhapsody library to WiMP11.  The bare kucles method is to use the Sync function, selecting teh Sansa, then add your desired tracks to the “add to library” queue.  I use this method to save audio tracks when I’m doing brain surgery on a Sansa, so I can rapidly refill the device.

The other method is to use the Add To Library function in the WiMP11 library.

Of course, the tracks are yours to play as long as you subscribe, with a 30 day final time-out on them.  If you wish to keep the tracks, they are available as 256kbps mp3.  The subscription tracks are 160kbps wma.

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