Help question please!

I have the clip and am using Rhapsody. I have some songs loaded already. If and when I add additional songs to the clip, do I have to synch EVERY time again using WMP 11?

I don’t have Rhapsody, so I don’t know exactly how it works, but if you download songs from Rhapsody to your PC’s disk, then yes, it’s necessary to sync in order to copy the songs from your PC’s disk to the Clip.

Hi Angela,

Not sure exactly what you meant but here is how Rhapsody works.

If you have Rhapsody, which means you have to pay for subscription fee in order to download your music.  So, when you download your music using Rhapsody, what Rhapsody does is it will download it to your PC’s hard drive first, usually in your C:\Documents and Settings\Angela\My Documents\My Music.  Now once, you have downloaded those music, it will store in your library in Rhapsody.  Now if you want to transfer it to Sansa Clip.  Here are what you need to do.

  1. Plug in your Sansa Clip with Rhapsody application open
  2. Once it’s connected, you should see “Sansa Clip 2G” on the Rhapsody application screen
  3. Now right click on the device & choose to Authorize it
  4. Now you can just click on “My Library” on Rhapsody screen & highlight the songs that you like and just drag-n-drop it to the device or highlight the songs, right click and choose “Transfer to Portable Player”
  5. Because these songs are subscription songs, you cannot use WMP11 to transfer it because of licensing.  WMP11 can only transfer contents that you ripped from your CD or contents you bought from Rhapsody. 

If this is not clear and you still want some more help.  Just let me know, I’ll be happy to help you out.