well i have few problems …
the main one is the LOAD MAIN IMAGE, now ive searched all over the internet to a guide to how to fix that and i did everything that told and nothing happens … i still ahve the problem. now i cant even turn my mp3 to MSC (now its on MSD?)
and i cant use the  FIRMWARE UPDATER cause id dont see my mp3 ///
i have alot of songs in my mp3 from few years ago and i want to know what music i heard when i was younger. please help me to fix that without deleting all the files. 

Version Info: Product Rev.: PP5022AF-05.51-S301-00.12-S301.00.12A-D

Base Code: 05.51-S301-00.12-S301.00.12A-D

ODM Ver.: S301-00.12-S301.00.12A-D

OEM Ver.: S301.00.12A-D

Build Type: -D

Build Date: 2006.03.29

Build Number: (Build 169.20)


To guarantee that the most people that would be in a position to help you see your post and maybe respond to it, I’d advise you to

A.) Post in the All Other MP3 Players board, not the User Guides | Firmware | Software board as you have done.

B.) Give more details about what you have tried to fix the problem. Just saying you’ve “searched all over the internet to a guide to how to fix that and i did everything that told and nothing happens” tells us nothing.

Have you seen the SanDisk KnowledgeBase article on the subject or searched here on the forum, typing in “Load Main Image Failed” as your keywords for any of the many discussions and/or instructions regarding this?


The “load main image failed” message refers to the player’s firmware stored in memory.  The good news is that your music is still there, we just need to reinstall the firmware.

To do this, the v1 device has Recovery Mode, which allows you to connect and reinstall the firmware.  the player will then refresh, and your music should be once again available.

There are two files you will need, the mi4 file, and the rom file.  To recover your music, be sure that you don’t format the device at this point.  I must stress an important point: Recovery Mode opens the reserved data area of the Sansa.  NEVER attempt to use te Windows “format” command when connected in Recovery Mode.  The only area we should format is the media area (music, photos, video that are stored).

What you’ll do is simple:  connect in recovery mode, then transfer these two files over.  In a moment, I’ll give you a link to the process.  The two firmware files are zipped or compressed and must be extracted or unzipped before transferring to the device.  Be sure to unsqueeze them first, then drag them over to the 16MB FORMAT icon that you will see.  You will then slide the HOLD switch back to the normal position, and disconnect.  The rest happens automatically.

For e200v1, e200R, and c200v1 :

  1. On your Sansa player, press and hold the Power/Menu button for 15 seconds to turn the device completely off.

  2. Slide the Hold switch so the orange portion shows.

  3. On your PC, double-click My Computer

  4. On your Sansa player, press and hold the REC button while connecting it to the PC.

  5. Release the REC button when a 16MB-FORMAT drive partition appears under My Computer.

Here’s the link to the v1 firmwarefor the two needed files.  Choose the version needed based upon your region.  A box will pop up with the firmware download for you.  Unzip them, and drag them to the 16MB FORMAT icon.  Slide the hold switch back to the left, and unplug.  If you forget to slide the switch, you’ll get a message telling you that the device is still “locked”.  Slide it back to the left, and power up the device as usual.

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ive done what you were saying few times and nothing happens …
when i disconnect my mp from the pc it says
and it keeps showing it till it turns off because hes out of battery,. 

If you have transferred the files to the device in compressed form, they cannot install.  Check the PP5022.mi4 file.  If it is 5721kb in size, this will confirm the issue (it’s compressed over 85%).

Let me know, if the unzipped version will not load, we can use a special recovery program, containing version 1.00.12 firmware.  This will load automatically when the e200 is connected in recovery mode.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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