e260 says "Load main image failed Switch to Recovery mode"- Help!

Hello.  I have a Sansa e260 that says “Load main image failed Switch to recovery mode”.  I have tried to look for other posts about this problem, but many are very old and I don’t always understand what I need to do to update my system.  I would appreciate step by step instructions for how to know if my player is v1 or v2 and what I need to load/update to fix this problem.  Thanks!

  1.  If your player is displaying this message, you have a v1 (version 1) model. V2’s do not have a Recovery Mode.
  2. The firmware that runs the player has become corrupted somehow. See this post and follow the links in it and advice/instructions to re-install it.

That worked and was a simple fix.  Thanks!

Happy to help! :smiley: