light problem

I have a 4 GB Sansa Clip, around 5 wks and the light on the face is now darker on the left side.  The SAN part of Sandisk is very hard to read.  Does anyone know any reason why and what can be done to remedy it?  If it gets worse I may not be able to see all of the selection name and etc.  Thanks

If it’s exactly half the screen I’d be thinking it was something with connection or hardware.    Contact Sansa Support, or if possible exchange it where you bought it. ’

I could ask you do do a bunch of things but I don’t think they wouldn’t solve an issue with the screen,  They would just be general troubleshooting.

 General Trouble shooting:

Reload the Firmware (or update it)  there are more detailed posts in the FAQ and if you search this forum.

After firmware is loaded,   Format and Reset All (find these under the settings menu option). 

Good luck, 

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