screen light problem-black sansa clip 2GB

The light in my screen seems to be fading from one side. It doesnt fix itself if i charge it. It looks like the color is draining away. :frowning:

It fades away little by little everyday. 

and also, the screen freezes from time to time and i cant turn it off…i just leave it alone and i come back to see it off…and then its fine. but the light is still fading away. 

Can anyone help please? :slight_smile:

Im verry worried that the whole screen might fade away.  

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Sounds like it needs to be handled under warranty.  Have you contacted product support?  Would your dealer do an exchange, if it was just purchased recently?

Yeah, I’m getting the same problem with my 4GB silver. But I just noticed it today, maybe I’ll check back tomorrow.

Mine also occassionally freezes, but that’s when I try to play a specific song. I think it might be bugged, it keeps switching from play to pause really quickly without me touching it… I had to get the song put down, i.e. deleted. *sniff*

But I am quite concerned about the screen problem… hmm.

It sounds like OLED screen failures, which SanDsik should cover if you’re still under warranty.

You also could try reapplying the firmware (see the sticky thread at the top of the forum) in case it’s just a corruption in the software (which I doubt).


Now it’s displaying a dark picture of a Clip, a computer and the word “DISK”. Which means it’s not in one corner, but spread over the whole screen. Which means my vision is blotted out - I can only see spots of the screen. And the entire screen is incredibly faded, even on max brightness. WTF? I don’t even know if I have a warranty, because I got mine from an uncle in France… it’s probably time to back up all my songs on my computer before the entire thing breaks.  >.<

Ugh. Has progressed to the stage where the bottom-most highlightd section (third panel) has the image of a progress bar and the top panel has the words “Kids Alive”. Possibly because I have been listening to that. The top-most bit (with the battery bar) is totally shaded over - but I can’t find out what’s there because you can’t highlight it. This is getting serious.  >.<

IF it was mine… and IF it was NOT still under warranty… what I would do would be to open it up, then do a “cable jiggle” (carefully remove/replace the ribbon cable for the display module several times to scrape any oxide or other crud off the surface), then reassemble, power up, reboot, and try again.  If there were still problems I’d do a reformat and then re-install the firmware.  If there were STILL problems, I’d get another one and keep that one for spare parts (battery, display, case parts, switches, etc.)

Caveats: I am comfortable with working on things like that (in an earlier life I did similar kind of work for a living).  it’s not rocket science, but if you’ve got three left thumbs on each hand and habitually trip over your shoelaces, and spill coffee due to congenital hand-shaking, then I’d look for a local high-school geek-course-major to do the gruntwork.  That is, if “you” were “me.”  A bit of hyperbole, but you get my drift.

Understand I am NOT advising that you DO *any* of this… I’m just saying what *I* would do in your position.  I don’t want, or accept ANY liability for ANY problems that might ensue if someone reads this and decides to try doing any of those things.

That out of the way, very frequently this sort of problem (the symptoms described in the earlier posts) is due to bad connections.  Back when i was doing computer support, the FIRST thing I would do when presented with a “broken” computer was to reseat ALL socketed chips (back then, memory came in the form of discrete 64Kx1 chips – LOTS of them on a motherboard to provide 640KB), and, likewise reseat ALL cards (monitor card, I/O card, etc.) AND reseat ALL cables (disk drives. com ports, etc., etc.)

More times than not, this would “repair” the malfunction.

As noted above, are you still under warranty?  Did you try contacting SanDisk for a warranty replacement?

As noted above, did you try reapplying the firmware?

Ack. I appreciate all the help (although I wasn’t the creator of this thread), but I have absolutely no knowledge of electronic technical stuff, and I’m pretty sure I;m not under warranty anymore. Mine was bought in America and sent by post, so I doubt I could get a replacement anyway.

Has rapidly progressed for the worst. Additional symptoms from yesterday are: black line going through middle panel, therefore making it unreadable, total blackout on the top un-highlightable section, making me unable to read battery level, line through top panel, making that almost unreadable when coupled with the previous problems. Also, the shading is now black, when in the past it was a dark grey (and still readable).

My best bet is probably to back up all my files on the computer and get a new mp3.  D:   I give up. >.<

Um, why not telephone SanDisk customer support and see what support, if any, it can provide?  At this point, assuming that there is a local number for you to use, what can it hurt?