Launchcast stations available

Hi, I am considering buying a Sansa Connect, I downloaded the user guide before posting but it’s pretty bare. I have two quick questions. One, can I get access to all of Yahoo’s free (non-Plus) Launchcast stations? That is, everything in yellow here:

I use Launchcast quite a bit and don’t mind the commercials or not being able to skip a crummy song every once in a while.

The other thing is, has anyone tried to use the Sansa Connect with Launchcast from other countries, like Canada:

or Spain:

If not, could someone try this and let me know? Admit it, you are a little curious. Thanks!!

Yes, the Connect will work with the free Launchcast stations, even without a To Go subscription.  You wil have to sign up for a Yahoo ID (also free).  I have no experience with trying to use it with other international locations of Launchcast (although I listen to some on my laptop).  I’m guessing the Launchcast URL is part of the firmware, so it always points to the US server.  It would be interesting to know if the station URL’s it downloads are always US, or based on your Y! ID registered location.

Thanks! I have a Yahoo! ID and I also listen to Launchcast on my laptop. If it gets all the free US station,s that’s great! I am going to buy one then. The other player  features look pretty awesome.

 I figured the international stuff was a long shot. The Spanish Launchcast is pretty good and almost all of the stations are free.

Thats correct, you can use the Sansa Connect to stream LaunchCast, AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A VALID US YAHOO! ACCOUNT.  This is important, because with out a US account, you will not be able to stream LaunchCast outside of the US.  You do not need the To Go account to stream outside of the US.  

Hope this helps.