How to change Yahoo ID without resetting device?

I can’t seem to figure out how to change my preferred Yahoo ID on the Connect.  I have Verizon DSL, which provides free Launchcast Plus.  I had bought Yahoo ToGo with a different Yahoo ID, but that subscription has now expired, so I want to switch to my Verizon Yahoo ID. 

I had to reset my device.  Make sure you enter the full login or it won’t recognize your free Launchcast Plus membership.  If you have a address it should work without the @ being entered.  Yea!  I have Lauchcast Plus back!  I hated not being able to skip songs after the YMU To Go ended.

Like gmoesch said.  I don’t think there’s anyway of changing the Yahoo ID without doing a reset.

Thanks for your replies.

This is still an amazing device

  • Launchcast Plus radio - especially if you have free Launchcast Plus (free from Verizon DSL at the $29.99 level of service).

  • Proper resume function.

  • OverDrive Media audiobooks support.

  • Decent size 2.2" video.

  • On-player delete for all audio/video (good for audio and video podcasts).

  • Speaker (good for podcasts and audiobooks).

  • Flicker.

What we desperately need is a source for a replacement battery. These batteries take a licking, so will probably only last a year or two max.

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I’ve had my Connect for two years now, no sign of a problem with the battery.


I have just purchased Sansa Connect–it did not come with a cd install disk? All I want to do is listen to audiobooks from Overdrive but Overdrive does not recognize the device. I have a Sansa 260E as well, so transfer the audiobook to the memorycard on the Sansa, then put the card into the connect, and though the information about the audiobook appears in the menu and the minutes for each chapter, it won’t open. I get an error message “Cannot open, licenses expired”. I notice that you mention Overdrive, so I am really interested in finding out what I need to do to make this work.

thanks so much for any help


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Yes, the Connect does not come with an install disk.

See user’s guide at

I’m not familiar with Overdrive.  Aside from Overdrive, does your computer recognize the Connect?

Here is another thread that discusses Overdrive support for the Connect:

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My Vista computer recognizes the device, but Overdrive does not. I have not set-up LaunchCast or Yahoo Jukebox through the internet yet, so perhaps Overdrive is looking for somesort of app to transfer to? I do not have a wireless connect so have been connecting via usb.

Yours seems a strange case.

Maybe nothing funny is going on when the micro SD audiobook doesn’t play on the Connect.  Just guessing, but maybe the license info is stored internally (not on the micro SD card) in your e260, so doesn’t get transferred over?  Or if it’s on the card, perhaps they put some device identifier so you won’t pass the DRM’d audiobook to other people?


  1. Need for Yahoo Jukebox to be installed.  I have Vista but not Yahoo Jukebox/Launchcast, and my Connect gets recognized by the OverDrive Media app. 

  2. WMP wrong version.  Since OverDrive Media works on your e260, that eliminates the possibility that you have an incompatible version of Windows Media Player. 

The only thing I can think of is that your Connect is being “weakly” recognized, and you need to do what many of us have done once or several times during our ownership to get it *fully* recognized:  Fully turn off the Connect (hold down the power button for about 8 seconds until it says “Shutting down”).  Then connect the Connect to the USB port of your PC.  (Don’t get impatient while it starts up; you have to wait for the 5 balls to get lit on the device, then wait some more for Vista to recognize the Connect.)