Yahoo! To Go Not Compatible with Sansa Connect in Canada?

Please say it’s not so!

I purchased the Connect from a Canadian site.

I paid for the Yahoo! To Go 1 year subscription with my Canadian credit card.

I have verified through the Jukebox that I have the “To Go” service.

Everything seems to function normally except that I can only browse the “Get More Music” area. If I try to download it says “Can’t Play Station - Try again later.”

Also, and worse in my opinion is that I can’t skip tracks on any Launchcast stations although I can play them.

After further research, it appears that the Yahoo! service is not recognizing my player as “To Go” enabled although it doesn’t indicate this to me directly.

Surely this can’t be very difficult to enable on their end. I have sent a message to customer support but hoped to get more info here while I wait for a response. Maybe another Canadian user has got this working?


Yahoo Music Unlimited is available everywhere.  The To Go service level is available to U.S. residents only.  See the notice at the bottom of the page

FYI, this is a licensing restriction from our “friends” in the recording industry.  Neither Rhapsody or Napster offer the To Go service outside the U.S. either.

The fact that Y! accepts the order, even with a Canadian address entered, is certainly a hole in the Y! ordering system and they should correct it.

As for Launchcast song skipping, perhaps if you cancel the To Go subscription, then enroll in the allowed Unlimited subscription, maybe all the Launchcast Plus functions will begin working.

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Message Edited by GnisiBrianJ25us on 12-09-2007 01:28 PM

Hi Vango44,

The symptom of not being able to forward a LaunchCast track on your Sansa Connect affects users who do not have a valid To Go account.  Seeing as you do you have a valid To Go account, the only thing I can see being an issue is that you are a Canadian Resident with a US To Go Account.  This is sort of a grey area since there aren’t many users in your situation and I don’t know what to expect as far as user experience goes. 

Any chance your Yahoo! account is a Canadian account?  Obviously the To Go portion is US based, but was the Yahoo! screen name you used created as a Canadian account?  This information is important in figuring out what is happening.

I’m positive if you used a US Yahoo! account and then signed up with the To Go service, your Sansa Connect would have Y! US privledges even in Canada. 


Well, if signing up with a US credit card and address will get this working I can make that happen cause I’m really excited about using all the awesome features on this device but I need someone to confirm that it WILL work FROM Canada.

I suspect that the “To Go” features will not work if the Connect logs in from a Canadian IP address. ie: Canadians can’t watch streaming video on US TV network sites ( etc…)

Can anyone confirm that they are using the online “To Go” features of the connect FROM Canada?

Thanks for your help so far. This thing is available from several large Canadian retailers now so I’m surprised I can’t find any others whining about this problem.

What is a must is that the Yahoo account used, be a US Yahoo account.  That means, if you navigated to and signed up for a Yahoo Account (ie. then the To Go features might not work. 

The Yahoo account used, MUST be a US account.


If you have a Yahoo! account from USA, the Sansa Connect will work when you travel out of the USA.


Thanks for the info!..

Will you be my friend? :wink: