Launchcast stations yea or nay?

OK I’m confused.  I see stuff here indicating that Yahoo Launchcast stations on the Sansa Connect have stopped working.  Yet there’s a message on Yahoo that says “Sansa Connect customers will continue to have access to Yahoo! LAUNCHcast radio stations via WiFi on their devices.”

We just changed over ISPs and I’m reconfiguring everything to use our new wireless router, and my wife’s Connect, well, doesn’t.  She says she last used that maybe a couple of months ago.  I’m trying to figure out whther that’s because I need to tweak the router firewall or if that’s a fool’s errand because it’s dead at the source.

Anyone got anything anything authoritative?  Like, “Yes I’m still using it and it works” or “Here’s something from Sansa or Yahoo or CBS saying that it won’t”?

Nothing authoritative.  The Launchcast streams were provided by a company named Zing, which was recently purchased by Dell.  My guess is that Dell decided to stop supporting the Connect, and Yahoo hasn’t bothered to update Connect owners with the bad news.

Mostly likely the issue is that it’s not supported and has nothing to do with your network setup.  Several people here, including myself, have all reported that Launchcast stopped working on the Connect around the same time.  Last time I checked (at least a couple of months ago), Flickr photo streaming support was still there … you could try that out and see if it works, just for chucks.