Latest Firmware Update Problems

Ever since the latest firmware update, my Sansa Clip + s (I have two), BOTH (this tells me it is the firmware) freeze up when I try to increase the volume.  Every time.  The only way to recover is to let the battery run down, then they will reboot when I plug them in to recharge.

Anyone else having this weird problem?  Here is the sequence:

I press the volume up key

The screen goes to the little Sansa “flower”

Then, instead of shutting off or something as it usually does after that graphic 

The screen goes back to whatever I was doing

BUT, It is now frozen.  Won’t turn off, won’t respond to any keys, nothing.

Kind of irritating when I want to turn it off but instead I hear the tinny little voices coming out of the headphones and I know I am losing my place FOREVER!!!


First, try a reset of the player–hold the on button down (Clip+) or on switch up (Clip) for 20-30 seconds or more.

Second, you might try manually reapplying the firmware–it can become corrupted.  See the firmware upgrade thread at the top of the forum.