4 GB sansa clip

I just got a clip and it worked fine for about one week. But now whenever I turned down or up the volume the system turns off or freezes what’s going on and how can I fix it. I’ve tried updating it and holding down the power button for 20 seconds to reboot, but none of this has worked.

I have the same problem - if you find the solution please let me know!

Return it. It’s defective. There’s nothing you can do to fix a hardware problem like this.

With the greatest of respect to the magnificent Tapework, before you return the player, you might try reapplying the latest firmware to the player–see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum for the download and the instructions (all easy to do).  Sometimes the firmware can become corrupted–and then easy to correct.

And if that doesn’t work, time for a new product or warranty replacement.

Also with the greatest respect and admiration to my esteemed colleague Miikerman , the OP stated he had already updated the firmware and nothing had changed. That’s why I recommended he/she return it as it seems it is most likely a defective unit. :wink:

I have a similar locking up issue although mine happens at random, not just when adjusting the volume.  Bad thing is it’s out or warranty but it worked fine for quite a while.  It has the latest firmware, reformatted the memory 2x, tried everything, just about ready to throw it away.  Any other ideas to try?

Even if the latest firmware is installed, if you haven’t reapplied the firmware, be sure to try that–the firmware can become corrupted over time and make the player wonky; this would fix that, hopefully. (P.S. to Tapeworm: When the OP said that the player had been “updated,” I just wanted to make sure that this meant that the latest firmware recently was reapplied; hence, my recommendation. As someone noted most recently, even a reapplication of the firmware with a brand new player can fix an issue.)