Lable to Play mp3s in order


I have a bunch of mp3s that I would like to play in order.  I tried labling them:


didn’t work

I tried

didn’t work either.

What do you suggest?

Thanks for your time.

You have to use a playlist to manage that, easiest way. If you use Windows Media player transfer songs, it also lets you make playlists to transfer.

If you do drag and drop, are using Windows, and it opens with “Explore” (I think this requires WMP11), you can open a folder, select the songs, right click and pick “create playlist.”

If the songs are from the same album, or you don’t mind changing the tags to create your own “mix album”, then the order comes from the track number in the song’s properties. In Windows, right click, select properties, and then summary/advanced, and you see the song info and can change it.

The file name isn’t relevant to play order, only the tag info is. Songs play in alphabetical song title order, unless you’ve selected album or playlist. An album plays in track order, if the track number is correctly entered.

Playlists are the easiest way to make your own personal virtual albums. They play in the order of the list, and the file itself can be edited with a text editor like notepad. There are also programs which help manage and generate playlists.

Thanks Inkadinkadoo ! Is there a tag editing program that you would recommend (maybe some shareware program)? All the best

Media Monkey

A fine alternative if you don’t want to be enslaved to Windows Media Player, and a lot more flexible too.