Okay, I need help please!! I have not been able to charge or for that matter use my Sansa e200 for the past two weeks. My computer recognized it before and I have gone thru all the troubleshooting tips to no avail. I don’t know how to unlock and charge my Sansa for that matter.

Thank you all in advance for your input.


Ms. Tech Challenged

Slide the HOLD switch on top of the unit away from the headphone jack. When it’s LOCKED , you’ll see orange underneath the slider. When it’s UNLOCKED , you won’t.

This is there mainly to avoid inadvertent button presses, etc. while it’s in your pocket for instance.

OMG!!! Thank you so much! You are a genius! It worked. I was getting ready to go out tomorrow to buy a new one. Thanks once again!

woah… i wonder how old she/ he is…

Hey… I’ve seen worse… someone trying to find out how to drink from one of those complex swiss made water bottles :smileyvery-happy:

But still… isn’t a hold switch on most mp3s… even on CD players?

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On my other gizmos, if you push a button while Hold is on it says Hold. “Key Locked System Shutdown” makes it sound like something really bad is going on.

 It would be simple enough for Sansa to change that message in its firmware–even if it just said, “Hold Key On–System Shutdown.” Then a user would look for the Hold switch.