new sansa says key locked system shutdown

Brand new??  Charged the battery and tried to turn it on very small letters in top left corner said key locked system shutdown, what does that mean and can it be fixed?  Thanks

Answer slide the switch on top by the headphone jack untill there is no orange showing…unlocked!

i have a sansa 270 6gb, and i have so many music in my mp3 but unfortunately it stop working and it now reads " key locked system shutdown" i need desperately any help to make it work again. merry xmas and hope for the right answer.

thank you


Did you unlock it as explained in the post above yours?

I have SanDisk Sansa E270, and I can’t connect with my lap. When I turn on sansa there is a message ’ Battery is too low, system is shutdown’  Please tell me what i gonna to do?

Charge it. If you cannot connect to your laptop (which by the way may not put out enough juice to the USB ports to charge it), maybe a desktop machine, or an AC-USB charger.