JPEGS not loading

I’ve had my Sandisk over a year now and it’s started to not load all my jpeg images.

This is completely halting my work flow as a photographer when I organise my images into folders after every shoot.

I have the Sandisk extreme 2TB ssd, are they any fixes for this?

I work on a 2021 MacBook Pro M1


Hi @shoot_alpha ,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

After some investigation I found it was quicker just to buy a new SSD. It’s a shame though I had similar issues with a Samsung SSD last year hence why I bough sandisk and now I’m having another issue around the year mark again.

Try connecting the SSD to a different computer to see if the issue persists. If it doesn’t, then there may be a problem with the computer you’re currently using. Also, try updating the firmware on the SSD.
Otherwise, run a file system scan on the SSD. This will check for any errors in the file system and attempt to repair them. Format is also an option to fix the error but your photos may be lost and you will require photo recovery software.

Consider trying a different USB-C cable and port, updating firmware, and checking image file integrity. If the issue persists consider replacing the drive.

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