sandisk extreme pro 128gb sd card "cannot playback image"

I’m not sure if this is a good place to ask this, but I have just started having issues with my extreme pro 128gb sd card. I use it in a canon r5 camera which is brand new, and I was taking photos on it today but it would not let me go back and look at more than half of the photos i took, in my camera, or in preview (macbook pro) or in lightroom classic, so im frustrated and confused and thought it was a camera problem, but the only thing helpful I could find was that is was an sd card issue. help please!

Its possible for a card to wear out, all flash has a write life.

There is professional data recovery if it was important, costs money.

Otherwise I’d just save what I could and run check flash on it to see if it was a temporary corruption of file system or the flash has gone bad.