iXpand not working on iOS 11.3.1

Hiya, recently found my old iXpand drive and upgraded the firmware and i can’t get it to work properly on my iPhone SE, the issues I am having is:

* Not copying over photos nor videos

*Taking about 30 seconds per image to load

*Buffers videos forever (even a 10 second video of my kitten watching my Bubbles screensaver took over 2 minutes to fully play)

*Buggy when moving between photos

I used my grandmother iPhone 5 with it running iOS 10.3.3 and I have none of these issues.

Hope someone can help me!


i have an iphone 7 with 11.3.1 and am not seeing anything similar so I dont think it is related to the iOS version. 

the issues you describe sound like they could be related to a memory resource issue. i would start by force closing all apps that may be open in the background. double tap the home button and swipe all apps up to close them out then try the iXpand drive app again. if that does not work try restarting the phone. And if it is still having issues a factory reset of the phone may need to be done.