iTunes downloads to ixpand

Hi…how do I move my iTunes downloads ie videos to ixpand. Is there a setting on iPad to automatically download to ixpand and not device. 

iTunes videos are DRM (digital rights management) protected and cannot be played in the iXpand app. This is an iOS and iTunes limitation. The only way to get the files onto the ixpand in a playable format would be to download them to a computer. find some app that can strip the DRM and convert the file to a MP4 then use the computer to transfer it to the iXpand. 

DRM protected files are a pain the the @$$. iTunes now offers music in DRM free format but the movie production studios still don’t allow movies to be offered DRM free. Even though you purchased the movie, technically speaking the purchase agreement states it can only be played by an ISO device signed into the account that purchased it on an authorized device for that account.IIRC the limit of authorized devices is 5. this is all done so the files can’t easily end up on file sharing sites.

long story short you can’t play videos purchased from iTunes using the iXpand without going through a bunch of BS to strip the DRM from the file.  

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