iXpand and Netflix

My iPad Air 2 storage is full. Now that Netflix allows downloads for off-line viewing, will I be able to download Netflix content via my iPad and store it on an iXpand for later viewing offline? Thanks.

It looks like the downloads are DRM protected or encrypted and only viewable in the my downloads section of the netflix apps. So in short no you would not be able to use the ixpand to store these files. 

Thinking about it, that does make sense. Thanks

So, I’m looking for options to store rented downloaded movies to an ixpand base for simultaneous streaming to three iOS devices (for road trips). It sounds like both iTunes and Netflix are not options due to formatting restrictions, do you know of any other options? I am specifically asking about downloaded rented movies as I do not want to burn data (by streaming video) on a 10 hour trip and I do not want to purchase movies. Any offerings?

I think you have precisely the hardware option I’m looking for, but are challenged by the software restrictions of downloaded movies.  If you are able to solve this last issue, you would have a winning combination of hardware and software that many families are looking for! 

rented movies are all DRM protected and would not work with the iXpand.