Transfering movies

What takes up the most space on my idevices is movies - like Hunger Games.  Is there a way to transfer and play these from my iXpand?  Is there a way to transfer them within my iPad to the camera roll so I could transfer them that way?  Any help would be appreciated.


iOS sandboxes third party apps so that the only place they can access is the camera roll. If the movies are stored under your movies app then they will not be able to be transferred to the iXpand. You will need to sync the iOS device with the computer then transfer the move to the iXpand using the computer. 

additionally the iXpand app does not support DRM (digital rights management) If the videos were purchased from itunes or some other place they will be DRM protected and the Ixpand app will not be able to play them. 

Thanks for the information.  I was hopeful that there was a way that I could store the movies (which are from iTunes and are therefore DRM protected) on the iXpand and then download them to the iDevice when I wanted to watch them.  I figured that since they came from iTunes and were going to an iDevice (either iPad or iPhone) that DRM would be covered.

I really appreciate you taking the time to reply.