Help from a newbie

Hi All,

this morning I-ve received my ixpand 128 GB

I-ve connected it to my ipad and would like to move all the videos which are in the video folder of my ipad but don-t know how to do

all the tutorials are based on phots and docs but I cannot find the one really prepared for the videos

can you help?

thanks a lot in advance


iOS sandboxes what third party apps can access. The native videos and music apps cannot be accessed by third party apps or external storage devices. 

To transfer videos or music you would need to sync with itunes then copy the music or videos to the iXpand using a computer. 

one thing you should note. If the videos are from iTunes then they are DRM protected. DRM protected files are not supported by the iXpand app so even if you use a computer to transfer these files they will not be able to be played in the iXpand drive app. 

Thank you

so, if I-ve correctly understood, it is not possible to sync from itunes but these videos are not in itunes but in the video folder

when I connect ixpand, the folder of the videos doesn-t appear


no, the native videos app in the iOS device is where the videos are stored. These can only be transferred using iTunes. Third party apps and storage cannot access the videos app on an iOS device. 

once you sync with iTunes and get the videos on the computer then you could use the computer to transfer them to the iXpand just like any other flash drive. However if these video come from iTunes they are DRM (digital rights management) protected and cannot be played in the iXpand drive app.