it went through the wash

Eeeeew!  A Sony?  I have had some really cool Sony products over the years, but as of late, they just aren’t the same.

I had a rare credit card sized FM radio, rechargeable, so thin (about 1.8mm) that it had a special slide-on headphone connection.  Come to think of it, the battery wasn’t user replaceable either.

I’d stick with a Clip.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I’ve been very lucky because my Clip was still working pretty well, so when the seller saw there was a problem with the on/off button , he told me he couldn’t repair it and reimburse me!

Concerning the Sony players i think i’ll regret the size of the Clip but i’d like to gain a bit of SQ for my Denon D1001, and also i think the sound is a bit to neutral for me with the Clip (i listen to a lot of hip-hop). However i convinced my bro to buy a Clip for running. I was too afraid he bought a Shuffle :wink:

mobbaddict wrote:

I was too afraid he bought a Shuffle :wink:

Hey, I had a Shuffle go through the wash once, and it worked fine.  There are SOME advantages to a player having no moving parts and no screen.  :wink:

Yep but i think it depends more on the isolation factor, and the Clip seems incredibly well isolated given all the functions it got (didn’t try the microphone though after the “coke wash” ). I also let it fall a few times on the ground and never had any problem.

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Like i said i bought a DAP from the new Sony series (the E430) two days ago and guess what… i bought another 4 Gb Clip today… cause the Clip litterally MURDERS the Sony. There’s just no comparison on the audio part. Clip has such an amazing sound stage compared to the Sony… it’s really scary. I’m already trying to sell the Sony now.

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Try doing the following;

  1. Upen it up

  2. Pour some home dry cleaner the use a brush to brush it up.

  3. Dry it up using some hot drier

  4. Close it up then try using it  again.

This time , it will work.

Are you kidding? :dizzy_face:

Not only is this some of the worst and incomplete advice I’ve ever seen posted here, but it’s tacked onto a 3 year-old thread!

well your listening to “clean” music:smiley: