sansa clip zip

Hello,i accidentaly washed my sansa clip zip with laundry. Screen looks fine but i cant start the player. When i press TURN ON button nothing happens. When i plug it into a pc - the player starts, i can see memory disk in windows explorer, i can copy and paste files on it. I can see “connected” on the player screen but when i detach the connection it goes OFF and i cant use it. Seems like POWER button doesnt work, is there any other way to power on the player ?

Did you thoroughly dry it (inside and out) first before attempting to turn it on? If not, you probably guarranteed it will never work again. Water, or even minute traces of moisture will short out and fry the delicate electronics inside.

If the player has thoroughly dried out but still has problems with a button, you could try flushing the player out with distilled water, to try to eliminate any crud that got into the player. Of course, do this with the player off, and let it dry thoroughly again (many days of drying) before trying to power it up again.